Willem de Kooning signature authentication

authentic dekooning signature

Willem de Kooning (1904-1997) often signed his paintings "de kooning" in contrast with Elaine de Kooning who would sign "E de K" or "E de kooning."

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De Kooning signed in a loose and unrefined cursive. Many pencil, pastel and charcoal signatures can be found on de Kooning's many works on paper.

dekooning signature

De Kooning's signature is relatively consistent when looking at a number of his prints and canvases.

His signature does change a little when examining personal letters or other handwriting samples that are not fine artworks.

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Signature is rarely sufficient for authenticating a painting, signatures must be checked, but results must be carefully placed in the correct context. A signature is only one element, and not a determining one, in the process of authentication.

De Kooning signed his work in various locations.

dekooning expert signature
Untitled - Painted circa 1970.

This oil on newsprint, mounted on canvas, is signed 'de Kooning' on the upper right.

dekooning expert signature
Woman in Motion. Executed in 1962.

Oil and charcoal on vellum mounted on canvas with the signature on the lower edge.

dekooning expert signature
Seated Man, Drawn in 1938.

Seated man was Signed 'de Kooning' in the lower right. The work is graphite on paper.

dekooning expert signature
Woman. Painted in 1974.

Woman, an oil on paper mounted on canvas has two signatures. Signed 'de Kooning' on the lower right and signed again and dated 'de Kooning 1974' on the reverse.

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