We can authenticate your de Kooning art

De Kooning Experts has authenticated de Kooning works for the United States Federal Government, television productions, auction houses, art galleries and numerous private clients.

De Kooning's style is marked by the influence of Surrealist Automatism and a severe aesthetic. In Automatism, art is believed to come straight from the subconscious. De Kooning also utilized gestural painting, in which the motions of painting became the primary content of the work.

De Kooning authentication is best left to an expert as these raw and uninhibited styles can be exceedingly difficult to accurately assess. De Kooning authentication requires a specialist understanding of American gestural painting and Abstract Expressionism.

Of the thousands of drawings and paintings De Kooning completed in the United States and also in Europe, lost and unidentified pieces exist in numbers.

Do you have an Abstract Expressionist art piece in your ownership or family estate? It could be a de Kooning worth millions. Contact us to get it authenticated.